Confidence & Communication coaching

Confidence and communication coaching for people changing jobs or careers. 

I work with people who feel battered by the interview process or are fearful of the expectations placed on them as they take on a new role.

I offer a fresh perspective to enhance their self-belief, enabling them to present themselves with greater effectiveness and self-confidence. The end goal might be securing that amazing job, winning that promotion, or finding the courage to make a career change.

Here are some of the challenges I can help with:

Confidence Coaching

Our state of mind is so hugely important if we want to perform at our best. Being in a positive state of mind is easy when all is well in the world, less easy when difficulties arise to frustrate and jeopardise our plans. I use EFT performance coaching to clear fears and blocks to free you up to fulfil your potential.  

Communication skills 

I can help you become a more confident speaker, whether on a one-to-basis, to a group, when giving an interview or formal presentation. If you have a fear of speaking in public or being put on the spot I can give you tried and tested techniques to calm the nerves and help you feel less tongue-tied. I offer 1:1 coaching in London or remotely for wherever you are in the world. 

Personal branding

Communication is not only what we say, it is also about how we present ourselves visually. Ensuring your visual message is aligned with your overall message helps you be properly understood, trusted and credible. It also helps if you are wanting to establish yourself as a brand. I offer coaching in defining and styling your personal brand. 

This is what one of my clients says about working with me: 

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucinda for the past 6 months. I searched for someone who could help me with a very specific development area around communication and professional image to prepare me for the next work level. To start with Lucinda gave me a new perspective, which put me into a different space and helped me feel empowered. We covered several topics over the course of the coaching and I feel I have made real progress in each topic covered. Now, when I enter a high-pressure situation, I am able to refer back to my notes and practise or plan my approach. I have had successful outcomes as a result.  I feel that Lucinda has a good sense of how to present yourself in a corporate environment and is also very strong in structuring a conversation or piece of communication. Working with Lucinda has been a valuable step in my development.

Research & Development Manager for global FMCG